Building on The Framework

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Well, we’re back, and it’s Week 2 on the 20′ Boiler/Grilling Trailer.  This week, R&R Construction Services’ sister company R&R Rigs will be installing the flooring on the trailer, fabricating the boiler area and the griller/smoker area, and possibly adding some shiny new diamond plate to the sides of the trailer.

When installing the floor of the trailer, the process is a lot more complicated than grabbing a screwdriver and a piece of metal and “getting that floor on.”  While constructing the first Disaster Relief Boiling Trailer, R&R Rigs took great care to make sure that there would be no way that all of the propane, heat, and flames from the custom burners underneath the trailer would catch the trailer floor on fire, or worse the trailer tires.  Always looking to improve, R&R Rigs decided that this time, there would be no room for error in this department.  So, instead of leaving the trailer floor and putting concrete board and metal flooring on top of it, R&R Rigs decided to remove the potential fire hazard altogether.  After removing the wooden flooring that came on the trailer, R&R Rigs was left with an empty metal frame with no support and no way to install the metal flooring.  It was decided before the wooden floor was removed that in order to beef up the floor’s structure and to make the metal floor fit tightly against the outside metal frame, R&R Rigs would install 1/4″ thick 1″ steel tubing in a web of steel below the 1/4″, Grade-A condensed aluminum, diamond plate flooring.  The flooring itself is also part of the fire protection system because the thickness of the flooring will also help to withstand the enormous amount of heat that will be emitted from the double-sided boiling pots.  Making exact measurements and ensuring that the space between the steel tubing would be close enough together to support the total weight of the structures on the trailer, R&R Rigs weaved an intricate grid of steel just below the floor’s surface.   The 4′ x 20′ diamond plate flooring was sliced precisely to fit underneath the edges of the metal frame of the trailer so that the trailer frame itself would also act as a support for the weight of the trailer accessories.

While the steel floor frame was being welded onto the trailer, the 20′ aluminum sheets were being cut up into the parts that would form the 4 sides and bottom of the 1/4″ Grade-A, condensed aluminum boiling pots.  These boiling pots can easily boil up to 75 gallons of water depending on how full a cook or caterer fills the pots.  The boiling pots are constructed out of the same quality aluminum as the diamond plate flooring and are doubly supported on all four corners of the bottom of the pots by 6″ duel supports.  The aluminum pieces are solidly welded together and then water-tested by filling the pots completely full of water to ensure that there are not any leaks at all when the Boiler/Grilling Trailer rolls out of the shop.  All 3 boiling pots have been completed and are ready to be installed on the trailer.  These boiling pots will have custom-made jet burners that will superheat the water as quickly as possible and then the double-walled firewall system for the boiling pots will maintain the temperature of the water throughout the entire cooking cycle.  This help the usage of the 2, 100-gallon propane tanks to be more efficient.

The rest of Week 2 will be the fabricating of the grilling/smoker area on the trailer and the measuring, cutting, fabricating, and installing of the protective firewall around the cooking area.  R&R Rigs will also install the front table, which will have the control panel and the deep well sink and will also be a cook’s working area for food preparation.

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