Custom Cooking Trailers

R&R Rigs Designs and Builds a Custom Boiler Trailer for Disaster Relief

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R&R Rigs in Mandeville, Louisiana has designed, fabricated, and built a boiler trailer that is designed for disaster relief.  Owner, Rick Daniels, handled equipment management for a disaster relief team that went to Beaumont, TX, after Hurricane Ike. While working the site, Rick Daniels assisted in the food preparation, food service, equipment maintenance, and on-site problem solving while serving hot meals to approximately 10,000 people a day.  Because of this once-in-a-lifetime experience, Rick Daniels came back from Beaumont, TX with an idea for a cooking trailer that could be more efficient and handle the feeding of tens of thousands of people with more fuel efficiency and less wear and tear on equipment.

Using his experience in Beaumont as a guide, Rick Daniels with R&R Construction Services designed and built a boiling trailer that included all of the accessories that would make it virtually self-sufficient in a disaster situation.  This Disaster Relief Boiling Rig is equipped to feed up to 10,000 people per day in a disaster situation.

We Built a Disaster Relief Boiling Trailer for the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill! Click Here to View More Information!

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Boiling Pots

Control Panel

Drop Table

 Halogen lighting on the industrial boiler trailer  5-Pot Industrial Boiling Trailer  Hoist Basket hanging over the drop table on the seafood boiling trailer  Complete, continuous drainline for the crawfish boiling trailer

Electrical Hookups

Exterior Views

Hoist Basket System

Plumbing & Drainage