Commercial Restaurant Renovations

R&R Construction Services specializes in commercial restaurant renovations.  Having worked with many restaurant owners in the Greater New Orleans area, R&R Construction knows how to designHand-Built Wood Bar at The Lake House in Mandeville, Louisiana and build structures that will attract the local demographic.  R&R Construction addresses the needs of the restaurant based on their location.  Because most of the work done by R&R Construction is done in Southeast Louisiana, the need for an outdoor venue for a restaurant is very important.  R&R Construction has successfully installed outdoor patios, paver pads, cooking areas, fountains, lighting, gazebos, and lattice work to create the perfect ambiance for each individual restaurant’s customer demographic.

R&R Construction Services also does interior restaurant renovations.  R&R Construction Services completely “gutted” Louisiana Grill, which is located on Hwy. 190 in Mandeville, Louisiana.  The first thing that was torn out of this restaurant was the 7′ ceilings throughout the building.  From there, R&R Construction Services delicately planned, designed, fabricated, and constructed an intricate system of eaves, shelving, and supports that would not only give the structure the proper constructed support but would also be aesthetically pleasing to the restaurant visitors.  R&R Construction Services went on to renovate the bar area, the dining and entertainment areas and finally to close off a portion of the restaurant for the office area.

At The Lake House in Old Mandeville, Louisiana, R&R Construction Pieces of salvaged pine woodServices came in after the building was gutted because of damage during Hurricane Katrina and built a brand new bar base and bar top for the entire bar area inside the restaurant.  R&R Construction Services also space-planned an area behind the bar for 2 full-size liquor cabinets and liquor displays to be user friendly for the staff at The Lake House.

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